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  • Shelly Fairchild talks about the winding road of being a songwriter and independent artist

      In a city full of incredible songwriters, musicians, bands and performers, finding one’s place among the many can feel like an impossible reality. Shelly Fairchild, an accomplished songwriter and performer, has courageously remained undaunted. Through an unwavering resolve, she has proved you can be whoever you want to be, and on your own terms. […]

  • Innovators
  • Tamara Saviano talks about her passion for words, songwriters, and her path to creative freedom

      Tamara Saviano is an accomplished music industry leader in the world of Americana and Folk. She has approached her career fearlessly, as an entrepreneur, an artist’s advocate, and simply as someone who profoundly appreciates the use of words in telling stories. She has been a trailblazer, bringing to life stories she felt should not be […]

  • Behind The Scenes
  • The Hustle is Real. One professional’s journey into the music industry.

    Being a young professional in the music industry can be frustrating. You graduate from college with your hopes and dreams within reach, until reality sets in, the journey isn’t that easy. You realize there is still so much to be learned about the industry. Finding that first position can be daunting and a little jarring, […]

  • Insights
  •  How to Have a Kick Ass Career in the Music Industry

    Do I have your attention? Good! I want to share a few guiding principles with you, because a highly satisfying career in music, whether you perform or not, is not only possible, but really fun. Thinking about a few things on the front end, or even mid-career, can help us all from getting caught up […]

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  • Insights: On Dreaming Bigger

    Our trajectory in life has a lot to do with our vision.  And chances are, your vision is smallish because no one has ever taught you how to dream bigger. I’m here to remind you that dreaming is good for you, and you can give yourself permission to do more of it.  In fact, the […]

  • Innovators
  • Kelly Corcoran’s pursuit to transform lives and communities through classical music and Intersection

      Why has music been such a pivotal part of your life and what continues to spurn the desire to be a driving force for music in your community? For me, I was a shy little girl. I remember being a little kid and listening to “On My Own” from Les Miserables. I realized then […]

  • A Day In The Life
  • Maven Music Founder, Alissa Cronau, launches a new way to discover music

    “People have always said, that the people who are the masterminds are the ones who are fearless and just do it. They don’t listen to others who put a box around what makes sense to them. Maybe it seems crazy, and maybe things might not work out, but if they do, it’s a journey worth […]