Insights: On Dreaming Bigger

Our trajectory in life has a lot to do with our vision.  And chances are, your vision is smallish because no one has ever taught you how to dream bigger.

I’m here to remind you that dreaming is good for you, and you can give yourself permission to do more of it.  In fact, the bigger you dream, the better you’ll be, and that benefits humanity.   I believe your ability to think bigger, dream bigger, will help us get there.  

Dreaming bigger starts with “something” inside you: a calling, a desire, a spark, a tantalizing idea, a picture, a knowing, and there are ways to go about cultivating your dreams.  Let me explain.



Even if the universe hasn’t bestowed you with the entire blueprint for your purpose on earth, there are little visions along the way.  These little visions, passions, or desires, all stack together and make up a passionate, dreamy life.  So, start paying attention to things that make your soul do a happy dance.  And I mean, little things!  A single gig, a meet up with your mentor, a song, whatever.  In my last Tomato Sass post, I discussed the process of listening to your inner “yes,” in some detail.  This is a huge part of dreaming bigger!

Once you‘ve caught wind of even the smallest vision, that something that lights you up, take the time to be with it. Embrace it!


Going Within

Here’s where a lot of people mess it up. They start talking about their dreams with other people too soon!

People’s opinions and expertise can be helpful, but not until you’ve had a chance to sit with your dreams alone.  Dreams are like little babies, all pink and fragile at first.  They need you to hold them, feed them, and coo at them.  They are delicate and don’t like a lot of extra noise. Trust me, once you start asking other people what they think about your innocent vision, watch out, because they will tell you!  This typically creates a harsh environment where no magical idea can grow.

So, go within.

Go to a quiet place in your mind or home, and wallow around in your dream for awhile.  Keep it to yourself, and let it stew.  Don’t even tell your best friend or spouse for a very long time.  Days, months, maybe even years.

Think of it this way: your ability to dream and reach for the edges of the universe in your mind, is like building a muscle.  You have to practice.  And, this is the kind of practice you cannot do in front of an audience.  It requires absolute freedom in your mind, which is hard enough without 10 other people talking at you.


Say It Aloud

My husband says, “there is a spell in spelling.”  He’s right.

Part of the dreaming bigger process is making it real, and this is where magic starts showing up. Literal magic.

The first part of making your dream a reality is giving it a voice.  I don’t care whether you write it down or say it out loud to your cat, this step is essential.  Begin giving your dream a voice, a sound, or a vibration.  This is a step you may want to do alone, and that’s okay.  The important part is to start.  Start with a journal page or a whisper to the angels, it does not matter, just do it.

What you’ll find is that you begin talking about your dream in front of other people, you’ve let your vision-baby grow up enough that you can show it off to your “safe” friends.  It still might need protection, but it’s big enough to take out into public a little.

The payoff: weird little things start happening that get you one step closer to your dream.  Coincidences?  Nah.  These are dream-incidences.  And, they are the real, tangible results of giving voice to your vision.


Hands Off

Part of dreaming bigger is allowing.  It’s allowing dreaming to happen, allowing it to not happen, allowing yourself to think “crazy big” thoughts, allowing space, allowing gentleness, allowing coincidence, and allowing more.

My last piece of advice, especially for amazing women like you, is to use your female super powers of creation, connection, and love to cultivate dreams that most people would deem “insane.”  We are at a crossroads in the music industry, in our culture, and in our collective psyche.  As women, we can tap into the kind of huge, radical love this planet needs more than ever.  Let your mind go to those big, beautiful places.  Exercise your dreaming muscles.  Be traffic-stoppingly different in your ability to “go there.”  I can’t wait to see what happens.




LJ_022bw_smallWEBsizedLiz Johnson Schafer – M.M., Certificate in Vocology | Voice Instructor and Jazz Artist

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Liz Johnson Schafer

M.M., Certificate in Vocology | Voice Instructor and Jazz Artist – Liz teaches from the perspective that the voice is a precious and unique expression of the self which deserves to be nurtured. By understanding how the voice communicates, both through its underlying form and function as well psychologically, we can better know ourselves and our authentic voices. The ultimate goal is to guide vocalists, or anyone who wants to learn more about their voice, toward more vocal freedom and beauty. -

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