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  • Kelly Corcoran’s pursuit to transform lives and communities through classical music and Intersection

      Why has music been such a pivotal part of your life and what continues to spurn the desire to be a driving force for music in your community? For me, I was a shy little girl. I remember being a little kid and listening to “On My Own” from Les Miserables. I realized then […]

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  • Maven Music Founder, Alissa Cronau, launches a new way to discover music

    “People have always said, that the people who are the masterminds are the ones who are fearless and just do it. They don’t listen to others who put a box around what makes sense to them. Maybe it seems crazy, and maybe things might not work out, but if they do, it’s a journey worth […]

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  • The High Watt’s Samantha Frances talks booking, music business, and Frances and the Foundation

    Samantha Frances is a woman who has paved her path in Nashville, as one of the lead Talent Buyers for the High Watt and Mercy Lounge, two of Nashville’s premiere live music venues. If that isn’t enough, as the front woman and bassist for the rock band, Frances and the Foundation, Samantha exudes why music […]

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  • Interview: Female Engineer, Kazuri Arai, wants to see more women behind the board

    In a field where estimates show that less than 5% of women are in producing or engineering roles, Kazuri Arai has braved these incredibly daunting statistics, forging ahead to become one of Nashville’s few female sound engineers. Having moved to the United States from Japan to attend Berklee College of Music, Kazuri found her passion; […]

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  • Laurel of Laurel & The Love-In gets real about being a woman in rock

    Nashville-based  rock ‘n’ roll band Laurel & the Love-in released their debut record, Don’t Love Nobody last month. With fiery singles like, “Gonna Do” and “Got A Light“, Don’t Love Nobody is a throwback rock and roll blend of bad attitude and Southern spunk, powered by Laurel Sorenson’s honest attitude and howling vocals. Their electric sound […]

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  • Insights: Finding Your Voice and the Ability to Listen to It

    “Finding your voice” has many levels of meaning.  It can describe the act of discovering your soul’s calling, or figuring out what you want to say under pressure.  It goes deep.  And sometimes it means actually getting your singing voice back again, as is the case with many of my clients. My favorite clients are […]

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  • Insights: Larkin Poe Tackle Sexism, Honing Your Craft, and an Open Mind

    Larkin Poe are this generations future rock and role icons. A duo comprised of sisters Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell – they are descendants of tortured artist and creative genius, Edgar Allen Poe. At a young age, the girls were classically trained on violin and piano while being exposed to classic rock icons including Eddie Van Halen, Queen and Pink […]

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  • Music Makers: Nashville Duo Jill & Kate discuss body positivity for women & a DIY career

    Jill and Kate Women In Music

    Women in the music industry are under immense pressure to look, behave, and perform a certain way. Unlike their male counterparts, who can throw on jeans and a t-shirt and walk on stage, women are thrown under the bus for even the smallest of flaws. Whether it’s wearing unflattering jeans or the internet’s fascination with […]